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Shoes 4 preview 3 released!


Howdy Shoes fans!

A new pre-release version (4.0.0.pre3) is up on Rubygems! Install with this simple command:

gem install shoes --pre

Last time around we split the shoes gem into a couple different pieces. Well, that work has continued and we think we’ve got the structure finalized! There were a few big motivations in doing this.

First off, the name shoes-dsl was a bit restrictive to the purpose of the gem, so we renamed it shoes-core. This gem represents all the primary shared functionality of shoes–the DSL, the backend selection, anything a new backend implementation would need to get running.

The Shoes manual has been extracted to shoes-manual for use in contexts (like our website) which don’t need all of Shoes. It has all the content and the Shoes code for optionally running the manual. Along those lines the syntax highlighter we’ve inherited from Hackety-Hack is in shoes-highlighter now to ease the way for upgrading or replacing in the future.

A new shoes-package gem has been spun up to hold, you guessed it, packaging logic. This lets us easily exclude unneeded packaging code and dependencies from packaged apps, keeping them as trim as possible.

Last but certainly not least, the shoes gem has had a change in purpose–it is now a “meta-gem” that has no code of its own. This gem simply represents the default installation of Shoes and nothing else. Any code that would be sharable belongs in shoes-core instead.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out with this release. \o/ <3

For the detail-oriented, here’s the changelog!

4.0.0.pre3 (199 commits)

New features (1)

Breaking Changes (1)

Improvements (7)

Bug Fixes (10)

Contributors (8)

Jason R. Clark, Tobias Pfeiffer, Eric Watson, Teemu, Kenneth Pullen, KC Erb, Jake Gordon, Neil Northrop

Shoes on!