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Shoes 4 preview 8 released!


Howdy Shoes fans!

A new pre-release version (4.0.0.pre8) is up on Rubygems! Install with this simple command:

gem install shoes --pre

This release had two big focuses–getting packaging back into a working state, and Shoes 3 compatibility for art elements.

On packaging, movement to JRuby 9000 along with the passage of time had left the system no longer quite working. With a few bug fixes (and some help from the swt gem and the JRuby team!) you should be able to package jars and OS X apps again. The upcoming pre-release will look to burn down the other reported bugs against packaging, now that we have something working to duplicate against.

On Shoes 3 compatibility, Eli Sadoff (@snood1205) brought to our attention a few cases where you couldn’t pass the same parameters to art elements in Shoes 4 that you could in Shoes 3. Oops! This led to a long crusade to update all the elements for maximum compatibility, instituted better testing for said-compat, and unearthed some other differences which have since been addressed.

All in all, a satisfying, bug-fixing-ful release.

For the detail-oriented, here’s the changelog!

v4.0.0.pre8 (99 commits) (Jan 28, 2017)

Improvements (7)

Bug Fixes (5)

Contributors (2)

Jason R. Clark, Tobias Pfeiffer

Shoes on!