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Shoes 4 preview 11 released!


Happy day for Shoes… A new pre-release version (4.0.0.pre11) is up on Rubygems! Go ahead and grab it with:

gem install shoes --pre

Another release that’s small on changes but big on impact. The new app packaging from last release has been improved to create archives (.tar.gz for Mac and Linux, .zip for Windows) instead of the collection of loose files. Not only is this more convenient for distributing, but it also fixes some issues we had with Windows packaging up apps for other OSs.

Next up we’re looking at a pre-release focused on squashing bugs, then some tidying before we’re ready for the first Shoes 4 release candidate.

Want to know more? Here’s the changelog!

v4.0.0.pre11 (30 commits) (Aug 20, 2017)

Improvements (3)

Bug Fixes (3)

Contributors (3)

Eric Stensland, Jason R. Clark, Tobias Pfeiffer