All The Resources For Shoes Developers.

The Walkthrough

The quickest way to get started with Shoes. If you are new to Shoes start here.

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The Manual

The manual documents all the Shoes methods. (Kind of like an API Reference.) Shoes 3.2 has a built in manual that is much more current, searchable and browsable. You can even run samples and copy them to the clipboard while reading the manual. Just install Shoes 3.2 and you'll have the latest.

An older html manual is online if you want to see what Shoes looks like:

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The Book

"Nobody Knows Shoes" by _why. Read this if you want to get a solid understanding of the basic concepts of Shoes.

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The RDocs

Thorough technical documentation in rdoc format.

Shoes 3: Click here.

Preview version of Shoes 4: Click here.

The Wiki's

The Shoes 3.2 wiki offers more advanced articles and tips. Not always current but still useful when you want to do more and learn more about Shoes.

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Older Shoes 3.1 wiki: Click here.