The Shoes Manual


Ah, here's the stuff of Shoes. An element can be as simple as an oval shape. Or as complex as a video stream. You've encountered all of these elements before in the Slots section of the manual.

Shoes has seven native controls: the Button, the EditLine, the EditBox, the ListBox, the Progress meter, the Check box and the Radio. By "native" controls, we mean that each of these seven elements is drawn by the operating system. So, a Progress bar will look one way on Windows and another way on OS X.

Shoes also has seven basic other types of elements: Background, Border, Image, Shape, TextBlock, Timer and Video. These all should look and act the same on every operating system.

Once an element is created, you will often still want to change it. To move it or hide it or get rid of it. You'll use the commands in this section to do that sort of stuff. (Especially check out the Common Methods section for commands you can use on any element.)

So, for example, use the image method of a Slot to place a PNG on the screen. The image method gives you back an Image object. Use the methods of the Image object to change things up.

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