The Shoes Manual


Shoes contains three timer classes: the Animation class, the Every class and the Timer class. Both Animations and Everies loop over and over after they start. Timers happen once. A one-shot timer.

Animations and Everies are basically the same thing. The difference is that Animations usually happen many, many times per second. And Everies happen only once every few seconds or rarely.

start() » self

Both types of timers automatically start themselves, so there's no need to use this normally. But if you stop a timer and would like to start it up again, then by all means: use this!

stop() » self

Pauses the animation or timer. In the case of a one-shot timer that's already happened, it's already stopped and this method will have no effect.

toggle() » self

If the animation or timer is stopped, it is started. Otherwise, if it is already running, it is stopped.

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